Sunday, August 9, 2009

Riley Potty Trained!!!

Riley has finally decided to go on the big girl potty!!! Her in her new big girl panties Ü

Thank you Josh!

So our friend Josh (who has a bald head) came over the other day and Tyler asked him if he liked his head being bald. Josh then began to tell him Oh ya, it makes me run faster, swim faster, I don't have to wash it..etc. Sooo Tyler at dinner decided he wanted to shave his head!! Being the parents we are we told him if that is what he wants then he can do it before school started. I began to tell him that he may not like it when we are done and asked how would he deal with that? His respose was shrugged shoulders and "well what am I suppose to do" meaning he will deal with it. SOOOO.... here is our brave Tyler!!

It's just hair.... it will grow back!!

Thinks he is pretty cool! Boy does his head need some sun!!

Mikes new office

Trying to talk him into painting the panelling.

Eagle Creek- Lower punch bowl swimming hole

We decided to take the boys and our friend Patience on a 2 mile hike into lower punch bowl. It was really cool swimming by the waterfall.

Mike jumping off a 20 ft. rock ledge. No thanks for me! The kids jumped off a 5 ft. ledge. No thanks for me!!

The joys of being a boy!

Patience, Brayden, and Tyler resting during the hike.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer hair cuts!

I gave Brayden a buzz cut yesterday and while I went to go get something Mike went to work on Tylers' Mohawk!!! Which he loves!!! Not sure if I am going to let him keep it for Sunday he soooo wants to!?